Sustainability in makeup. Why is it so important?

Sustainability in makeup. Why is it so important?

May 06, 2023Ant Bekos

We live in a world of plastic! I don’t necessarily think all plastic is bad. Its non-recyclable or single-use plastic packaging that I have an issue with. Most traditional makeup compacts are used once and then tossed in the bin. And if you don’t already know, this type of hard plastic requires special processing if it is recycled, you can’t simply throw it in your yellow bin.

Refillable makeup containers are the next best solution to a sustainable beauty routine. In addition to buying less and using fewer products, refillable makeup allows you to buy the palette once and then get the single refills as needed!

Our Refillable makeup palette is designed to be durable so that it can be reused repeatedly. As a result, this significantly reduces single-use packaging and uses less energy and resources.

Our products are designed to be endlessly reusable and refillable, buy once and refill forever with our zero-waste refill pans concept that fit perfectly in their magnetic base. Customise it to fit your unique lifestyle. Pick & choose from our single pan refills to customise your very own palette.

T.U.K Makeup is proud to have kick started the full face, travel friendly refill revolution in Australia!
The Touch Up Kit has 4 Large & 3 Small refillable single refill pans to store makeup to touch up your entire face all in one place. Our refillable collection includes Complexion Cream, Bronzer, Blush, Highlight, Brow Powder, Setting Powder & Vit E & Shea Butter infused Lip Balm.

Our products are proudly 100% cruelty-free and vegan*, as well as talc, paraben, fragrance and sulphate free. *(exception of beeswax in the Lip Balm)

Animal testing for cosmetics is inhumane and uncalled for and is a part of why cruelty free products have become more popular over the years. We are all aware of the harsh tests’ animals are subjected to. It was an absolute non-negotiable our products and ingredients were not tested on animals and are suitable for vegans (exception of beeswax in our lip balm) .

To us sustainability means being conscious of the social, environmental, and economic aspects of the whole production process of a product to make sure it has a positive impact on the environment. Sustainable makeup refers not only to the way the product is produced or the raw materials sourced but also to the trial of packaging left behind.

We have been working on our concept since late 2019. Being makeup artists ourselves we not only saw a gap in the market for a palette for the entire face, but it was also obvious to us the amount of hard plastic packaging surrounding each product that held as little as 2g of product!

We also saw people of all ages cramming excessive amounts of ‘Touch Up’ products in their bags. Whether it was Brides, corporates, red carpets, busy mums, special events – you name it – they were all doing the same.

We all own numerous palettes that we seem to hold onto, even though we’ve run out of our favourite colour. Even myself as a makeup artist am guilty of having draws full of palettes – with the favourite colour gone and just holding onto it wondering if I’ll ever decide to use the rest.

We new there must be a better way!

T.U.K Makeup believes less is more! When our bulging beauty draws are bursting with serums & latest ‘must have’ makeup product it is apparent that the planet, our wallets & our skin have had enough.
Not only does it leave a trail of packaging left behind, but it can also often leave you feeling confused, irritated, and overwhelmed with the industry today.

We are so thrilled to be bringing this new trend to town!!
There is a collective movement for beauty lovers throwing out their overflowing beauty bags for a more natural approach. In a world where more is more, T.U.K Makeup is condensed beauty, providing makeup simplicity is at its finest.

We believe in authenticity and transparency, and we are aware of our power to promote positive change within the industry. With our priorities shifting alongside our ethical expectations, the industry is increasingly becoming more transparent.

Packaging as we know it leans more toward commercialism and less about practicality in the beauty industry. Yet, for most beauty companies, packaging seems to be a top priority. The higher the face value of a beauty product is, the more elaborate and superfluous packaging it is likely to have. We have purposefully gone against this trend for our shipping packaging. We were going down a path of printed tissue paper, glossy packaging & eye pleasing designs but this goes against our ethos of sustainability.

Have you ever held onto gift bags or boxes that were too ‘pretty’ to throw straight int the bin? I know I have! At T.U.K Makeup we have purposefully selected plastic free honeycomb wrapping, twine & raw cardboard boxes to deliver our products. No coatings or stickers which deem it unrecyclable. It can go straight into your yellow bin leaving you guilt free and ready to start enjoying your new makeup!

T.U.K Makeup proudly seeks quality over quantity, our makeup will be a relief to your skin and the planet. Whether it’s letting your natural skin shine through and finally saying goodbye to the ‘caked on’ makeup looks or reducing the number of products in your makeup bag. Stripping back from your over-loaded approach to makeup in favour of a more minimalistic look is a trend we believe is set to stay!

Danielle xoxo

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