Is makeup bad for you skin?

There is a major shift in the makeup industry toward clean makeup and beauty. With this being top of the agenda for makeup today it led me to write a blog about is makeup bad for your skin? Clean and natural formulas now mean that more companies are investing in skin friendly ingredients. It’s all about understanding the ingredients inside each product in your routine – just as you would with food you eat or the vitamins you take. It is this philosophy that has inspired many of our favourite brand founders to create products full of desirable and easy to understand ingredients. For us as a brand it was super important to have clean ingredients, with no nasties? and cruelty free.

I grew up with very bad acne and hypersensitive skin and finally the industry is going toward to making sure that ingredients in products perform as well as look after your skin. I’m highly sensitive to a lot of ingredients in products so with this in mind when we set out to create T.U.K it was so important that the ingredients we used in the products were good for sensitive and allergy prone skins. By working with an amazing chemist here in Melbourne who has owned, operated, and worked with the biggest makeup and skincare brands around the world we were able to make sure the ingredients matched our criteria of performing well, clean and of high quality.

When looking at makeup brands with ingredients that are good for your skin it’s important to remember that make up and skincare still perform differently and are not the same. Here’s a great explanation of this :

Kosas founder Sheena Yaitanes shares a similar sentiment. “Great makeup needs to give you the what it promises, look great for the whole day and feel weightless on your skin so that it doesn’t distract you,” she says. Ultimately, skincare is meant to provide a positive, measurable change in your skin over time — so a skincare makeup hybrid should do both of those simultaneously.

“As a professional makeup artist, I know that good makeup does not happen without good skincare as well — in fact, it is the symbiotic use of both that elevates makeup to a professional level,” notes Sephora beauty director David Razzano. “This philosophy has led to the creation of hybrid products that melt the artistry of makeup with the science of skincare so anyone can easily use and benefit from them.”

Razzano continues that these hybrid beauty products are trending right now thanks to consumers educating themselves on product benefits through social media and increased retailer guidance. “People want makeup that performs to the standards they expect and is going to help improve their skin along the way.”

With the above quotes when we designed our product range to look after the skin it also had to be makeup that performs to the standards we expect as makeup artists. So when designing our complexion cream we were concerned about the right amount of coverage with a great finish, where the skin feels like it can breathe. It blends like a dream and has ingredients that are derived from coconut and green tea extract. Our multi creams for cheek, lips and eyes have vitamin E derivatives and our set and refresh powder absorbs excess oil without drying the skin. All products are free of parabens, sulphates, fragrance and cruelty free which makes it beautiful for your skin.
So overall is makeup bad for you skin….I can honestly say if you really look at what your buying and understand the main ingredients that are in your makeup products then you shouldn’t be worried about what you’re using. If you are sensitive and have allergies, then it’s best to consult a dermatologist and they will help you eliminate and work through what your sensitive to so when buying your makeup you can make the right choice for your skin.

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