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"My skin is extremely sensitive and I often have flare ups of rosacea. These products have not caused any irritation with my skin, if anything I think my skin is a lot happier! Highly recommend this makeup, especially if you have sensitive skin like me"


"The coverage… so little goes a long way and so easy to apply, even for an amateur like me. I used to to bring a bag of makeup and my brushes when I travelled but with TUK, it leaves space in my bag for an extra pair of shoes!"


"As someone who has no clue about makeup I absolutely love my T.U.K! I am amazed at how easy it is to use and I don’t feel like I have makeup caked on, while still getting all the coverage I need. I highly recommend getting yourself a T.U.K - you won’t regret it!"


"This product is a game changer!  My morning makeup takes no more than 3 minutes now thanks to my T.U.K.  I love how it looks, and feels, on my skin and it is so simple to use and compact so I can have with me 24/7 for touch ups.  100% recommend"


“Never leave home without it! During the summer months the pigmentation on my face becomes unbalanced. My TUK ensures I can  balance it out and maintain a fresh face on the go as my day progresses from work meetings to evening events. It’s so compact and practical. I simply couldn’t live without it“


Formulated & designed by two busy, Melbourne-based makeup artists

As long-time professional makeup artists with a celebrity clientele and having created thousands of bridal, broadcast and editorial looks, we are thrilled to introduce the ‘Touch Up Kit’ (T.U.K). 

We knew our clients needed a solution to maintain their makeup. A palette that was small enough to fit in their handbag, tailored to their needs & refillable as required.

As makeup artists, we wanted to create quality, innovative products that could be used no matter the complexion, age or level of makeup experience. 

We spent three years developing the Touch Up Kit to feature the highest quality, non-toxic ingredients. 

It can be customised or you can select a preset option that edits-down a full face of products into one slender, shatterproof palette. It is perfect for a simple daily routine or the ultimate handbag friendly touch up in minutes. 

The Touch Up Kit caters for the makeup aficionado and novice alike with the 5pc mini brush set individually named.