Blush Brush


Hand-crafted with ultra-soft synthetic hairs and is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and ethically sourced. You can purchase separately or in the five premium set designed for ultimate convenience and control so you can create the look you desire with ease.

Expertly angled, use this blush brush to apply and effortlessly blend our Multi-Cream to your cheeks or the hollows of your face to define and accentuate your best features.

– Vegan and Cruelty Free

– Suited to all skin types

– Designed in Australia

Apply the Multi-Cream by swiping the product with your Blush Brush & patting into your cheeks & blend outwards towards the temple.

Mulit-Cream can also be applied to your lips &/or eyelids for a flush of colour.

Formulated in Australia

Formulated in Australia

No Paraffin or Parabens

No Paraffin or Parabens

No Paraffin or Parabens

Cruelty Free

No Sulfates or Silicones

No Sulfates or Silicones

Main Ingredients

penetrates the skin and has the ability to help skin repair itself, leaving the skin incredibly soft. It is a vegetable ingredient obtained from coconut.

wax adds texture, improves consistency and prevents the skin from sweating. It is a high-melt temperature paraffin and provides flexibility and elasticity.

binds and stabilises products and enhances product texture. It is a wax derived from a mixture of various oils.

enhances skin tone and thickens cosmetic products. It is a synthetic mineral material.

brings shimmer and shine. It has a natural luster and can be milled into a fine powder. It is a naturally produced product.

aids in preserving cosmetic products and preventing the growth of fungi and bacteria. It is a preservative found naturally in green tea and chicory and is a nature identical chemical, safer than parabens.

forms a coating that helps to disperse pigments. It is a synthetic ingredient used as a surface treatment.

provides a smooth, silky feel and is used to thicken products. It is a type of organic clay used in cosmetics to enhance texture.

works as a buffering agent, corrosion inhibitor and pH adjuster. It provides anti-caking support to cosmetic products.

benefits the appearance of skin and is used for its skin-conditioning and antimicrobial properties. It is derived from vegetable glycerin and is a far safer alternative to parabens.

help to tint cosmetic products and protect the skin. They are compounds composed of iron and oxygen and are non-toxic, non-allergenic and extremely safe to use.

is used as a UV filter, blemish hider or skin-brightener and is a naturally-occurring mineral found in the earth’s crust.