How To Best Prep Your Brushes Ready for Use!




When you receive your Touch Up Kit Mini Brushes, they have been tightly compacted in transit. For this reason, we need to rough them up and get them ready for use following these simple steps.

1. Start by removing all the protective wrapping.

2. Take any makeup setting spray and spritz directly onto the ends of the fibres.

3. With a hair dryer on a low heat, blast into the brush fibres to fluff them outwards. This will add grit to the soft bristles and enable the brushes to pick up the product more easily.

4. Press the brushes into the skin to further expand the bristles.

5. Pick up the product by swiping and decanter onto the back of the hand to test the pigment.

6. Continue to use the brushes and clean every 7-10 days and allow to dry laying flat overnight. 

7. We suggest using Wonder Soap and warm running water until the water runs clear.

8. Do not dry wet brushes standing upright as this will allow water into the base and loose hair fibres.

9. Do not use heat to dry the brushes

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